WASCA is aligned with some of Australia’s leading material suppliers, including our premium partner: BlueScope Steel. This means we can manufacture components in a range of materials including steel, fibre, nylon, brass, copper, neoprene and more.


WASCA’s experienced staff understand the characteristics of each type of material, which means they can help you find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your project.


Plastics used for internal production

Nylon/PA66 Sheet – Black & Natural

General-purpose engineering plastic for impact and high load environments. Applications include: high load bearings, conveyor rollers, wear pads and guide wheels.

HDPE Sheet

High-Density Polyethylene used in direct contact with food manufacturing. Does not absorb water and has excellent abrasive and impact resistance.

Polycarbonate Sheet – Clear

Known for its fantastic impact and shock load resistance. Easily fabricated and formed into shapes for screens and shields. Ideal replacement in conditions where glass breakage is expected.

PTFE Sheet

Resistant to practically every chemical available and has a surface grade on which nothing can adhere to. It can be enhanced with additional fillers to suit various particular mechanical applications.


Great machinability due to its high mechanical properties. Precision gears and bearings with tight tolerances are perfect for this material. Regularly used in water tank manufacturing.

G10/FR4 Epoxy Glass Sheet

Also referred to as Bakelite or Phenolic. This is used in terminal boards, switchboards, and transformers.


A durable elastomer derived from Polyethylene. Used in sealing applications for buildings, vehicles, and appliances.


Neoprene is a synthetic rubber used for insulation and load-bearing. Applications include load-bearing pads in building and concrete formations.