Access our range of manufacturing processes and materials to find the most cost-effective way to develop the part you need.

As part of the consultation process, you receive an engineering drawing to your specifications, advice on the most appropriate manufacturing process based on cost and lead time, a quote for ongoing production and more.

WASCA handles 2D formats such as DXF and DWG and also some 3D formats such as STEP and IGES. We produce your prototype in house to give you a detailed overview of how the product feels and functions physically before you take the next step.

How custom works

WASCA five step process

WASCA five-stage manufacturing process

If we don’t stock it, we’ll create it. Here’s how.

Stage 1: Free Consultation

Speak with our engineers directly so that we can understand your problem, and you can determine if WASCA the best speciality component manufacturing solution.

Stage 2: Briefing

Our experts will get to know your component requirements and specifications. An in-person or phone meeting will determine key objectives, timing, quantity, material requirements and dimensions.

Stage 3: Project Plan and Strategy

Here we outline the materials required, finishes if any and even target pricing. You will receive a: project quotation with cost variations and a timeline.

Stage 4: Project Coordination and Prototype

Now, we’re ready to order your materials, build tooling if required and set our machines. You will receive your: order acknowledgement and a delivery estimate.

Stage 5: Component Manufacture

During production, your order is closely monitored for quality control through our ERP system. Once we finalise manufacturing, your part is securely packed and delivered on time.

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